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"I'm very happy with the team over at Redwood. One of the lowest priced quotes but they went above and beyond. I'm very happy." - Elliott G.

Behind the Scenes of a Mid-Century Home Purchase & Renovation

Take a peek behind the scenes of a complete home renovations and see the stunning after photos.

Buying an original 1950's home is stressful enough already, not truly knowing what you're getting into.

Now throw in a pregnant wife that is due 45 days after the anticipated completion date and a teething one year old. Say hello to our lovely clients!

Considering all of this, we decided as a team that we're going to go above and beyond (even further than usual) to reduce any potentially stressful issues. This was made a little tougher considering that our subject was a 1950's home that hadn't received much love for a number of years.



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From closed-off and dark to light and bright and beyond

The original floor plan was not going to work for this growing family so walls were knocked down, moved back and ceilings raised.

A kitchen with enough space for the whole family and more

Like most families, this one wanted a kitchen that they could create memories with their family in and still have room to grow.

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